Alma Collection Report

Citation-based collection assessments can be very time- and resource-intensive, requiring specific skills and expertise. The integration between Alma and InCites helps users to quickly incorporate rich bibliometric data into their collection assessment workflows, without requiring specialized knowledge or skills.

Opting In

Note: Users will not see the Alma Report in InCites immediately after opting in. The report is not populated until the UDM release at the end of month.

To view the Alma Collection report in InCites, Alma administrators must opt-in to share their holdings information with InCites. To opt-in:

  1. Activate the JCR Cloud App from the Alma Cloud App Center
  2. Toggle on the 'Share data with Web of Science' option in the JCR Cloud App


Alma Report Update Schedule

Collection data is updated monthly during the UDM release. The UDM release schedule can be viewed here. Please note:

  • To see the report following the UDM update, users must have opted in by the 1st of the month
  • If users opt-in after the 1st of the month, they will not see the report until the UDM update at the end of the next month.



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