Overview Reports

About Overview Reports

InCites offers four Overview Reports (five for My Organization subscribers): Organization, Researcher, Publisher, Funder, and Department (MyOrg) reports. Alma customers who opt-in to sharing their data with Web of Science will see a sixth report called the Alma Collection Report.

Overview reports are designed to include more structure and context for data by way of report tabs and filtering, which allow users to customize the fundamental parameters of the report: time-period and dataset. These design elements make the Overview Report a customizable, relatable component of the application.


Report filters cascade to all analyses within a report and provide users with the ability to customize their report based on fundamental and key aspects of research data.

Report Tabs

The tiles in each Overview Report are organized into tabs that indicate the category or topic of the analyses within it. They communicate an effective content hierarchy making it easier to navigate and comprehend data within the report.




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